This course is presented only online!

This prenatal course in English enables expectant international couples to feel comfortable about having a baby in the Netherlands.
The Four -weekly Childbirth Preparation Course is intended for couples more than 26 weeks pregnant. Four evenings (19.00-21.00) on Wednesday evening.

Starting (or expanding) a family far from home, where health care practices and customs will be different from what you are used to, can be overwhelming.

In addition to answering your questions about pregnancy, delivery and the first period with your newborn, you will also learn how to prepare for labour and delivery specific in the Netherlands.
With plenty of opportunity to engage and learn. Now, being online, the courses are available to everyone, regardless where you live.

Childbirth Weekend Course Online

  • Topics
  • Dates
  • Health system surrounding childbirth in the Netherlands
  • Creating your birthplan
  • Attitude towards contractions and pain
  • Pain relief possibilities
  • Different ways to cope with labour
  • Dilation, what happens in your body
  • When to call the midwife or hospital
  • Support of your partner
  • Breathing, relaxation and massage in the different stages of labour
  • Pushing positions
  • How to push
  • Induced labour Instrumental delivery (vacuum, Caesarean section)
  • Breastfeeding / artificial feeding (Limited)
  • Dutch habits and customs
  • Kraamzorg
  • First week with baby, bonding
  • Sharing and comparing Birthplans


Using a direct ZOOM connecting you will be able to interact with me as your trainer directly so you can get all your questions answered right away!  

This course will help you to make informed choices and handle concerns

Time 14:00 - 17:00
Date: *  
 30-01-2021  31-01-2021 
 27-03-2021 28-03-2021 
 15-05-2021 16-05-2021 
 10-07-2021 11-07-2021 
 11-09-2021 12-09-2021
 13-11-2021 14-11-2021


* All dates subject to change  

Please book online using the contactform.

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