Childbirth following Centering Pregnancy

During the two Centering sessions together with your partner, you received a lot of information about the upcoming birth. Not addressed is the practical side of childbirth such as the positive influence of relaxation, the different types of breathing, pressing techniques during childbirth, different positions, massage. Also extensive information about for example how the Dutch Health Care system is functioning, making a Birth Plan and what happens during induced labor, a vacuum delivery or a C-section.

Ria Wiertz, Childbirth Educator of the English One day Course, developed a special variant following on Centering Pregnancy, aiming on the practical side. The better you know what happens during childbirth the better it prevents you from being overwhelmed by the forces in your own body and provides you with tools to cope! So, of course attention is paid to relaxation and breathing exercises, but also to the reasons why this is so important during childbirth. In addition, we briefly discuss what can and will happen during childbirth, which phases there are in childbirth and how you can adapt to this.

Childbirth following Centering Pregnancy

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Knowing that your partner can provide well informed support gives you peace and confidence. The course further prepares you for a birth to which both, in their own way, make a positive contribution. It is nice to prepare for this unique event together with your partner.

The course is given in one Saturday morning session of approximately three hours at Midwives Practice Bergweg every two months and is only suitable for coupes which attended the Centering Pregnancy sessions.

Among other things, the following will be discussed:

  • The different stages of childbirth
  • How to deal with contractions
  • Relaxation and Breathing
  • The role of the partner
  • Pressing Postures and Techniques
  • Simple massage techniques
  • Different situations  during childbirth like induced labor, vacuum and C section
  • Answering the questions you might still have

Face to Face if Covid-19 measures allows, otherwise Online

Time:: Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00 
Location:  Online
 Cost:  € 100,00
 Dates:*  Saturday

* All dates subject to change 


You can sign up from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Please book online using the contactform.