Keeping in mind your health, as well as that of your unborn child, and keeping in mind the notifications I’m receiving from the Dutch government, I worked hard to find a solution - and
not 'just cancel' or 'postpone' the courses Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Information. 

I know that you as future parents need information, want to connect to others, and prepare as much as possible for Childbirth and Breastfeeding.

My courses are not being cancelled but will be offered online - in a virtual environment, with the opportunity to connect with me as your trainer for any further information you may need.

Also regarding to my work as a Lactation Consultant I will make more use of email and online video contact so 'I can see from a distance'.
Fortunately, I have been an advocate of hands-off breastfeeding counseling for many years now!

You will receive for all above activities the details of where to login to a Zoom call in order to follow one of the courses or for a lactation consultation: from the comfort of your home with the expertise of me as your trainer / lactation consultant. I’m doing all I can to make this as fulfilling an environment for you, as possible.

I sincerely hope you will stay with me, as I work with you to find a way forward during these new, and difficult times.